The OCD Picks Ratings System


5-UNIT---biggest play in the industry as the Spider joins you with a personal investment (warning: they are rare----only 5 of them in football since August (25 out of 42 overall from January-through-September)

4-UNIT---whether it is overwhelming trends, systems or vital intangibles information, this is the closest thing to a “sure thing”. Since 5-Unit releases are so rare, this play you can pound with utmost confidence. I am sure you are aware of the term “Lock Of The Year”?!

3-UNIT---This is a “major release”. Believe it or not, you will see more of these releases from Oscar than any other major play simply because 4-and-5 Unit bombshells are NOT an every day occurrence!! TRIPLE your normal wager.

2-UNIT---We’ll keep this simple. DOUBLE your normal wager. Yes, Oscar would consider making a small wager on these games designed for the gambler who loves to “load up” on multiple plays.

1-UNIT---Generally, you will see these plays as FREE releases (c’mon, you did sign up for O.C.’s FREE plays?!). However, you will occasionally see these SINGLE rated plays on the Premium Service. Are you the one who likes to bet an average of 30-games per weekend?!