Four days of NFL plus selected Basketball/Hockey.  From the handicapper who SWEPT the NCAA Championship (Baylor and Under).  FROM THE HANDICAPPER WHO HIT THE COLLEGE FOOTBALL NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP CONSECUTIVE SEASONS (Alabama and LSU).  From the handicapper pulling off a SUPER BOWL SWEEP (Eagles-and-Over) along with a top-rated "5 UNIT" college football NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP Best Bet (underdog Georgia) three years agoFROM THE HANDICAPPER  "139-106" WITH ALL FOOTBALL MARQUEE BEST BET ACTION SINCE THANKSGIVING 2014***   FOOTBALL EXCELLED AGAIN FROM THE HANDICAPPER WHO FINISHED THE 2014 CAMPAIGN 12-5-1 OVERALL IN THE NFL PLAYOFFS AND 24-13 OVERALL IN FOOTBALL SINCE NEW YEARS EVE*****  4 days of OC Dooley's complete package for a discounted rate of just $25 per day! Every Total, Power Pick, and BEST BET for 4 solid days of winners!  ALL COLLEGE/PRO FOOTBALL MARQUEE BEST BETS OF AT LEAST 4-UNITS (45-24) COVER AT 65-PERCENT CLIP ONE YEAR AGO.  TOP-RATED NFL WAGERS (30-13) REACH AMAZING 70-PERCENT PLATEAU

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