WEB SPECIAL:  Doubled in length to a full TWELVE days covering NFL plus NBA/NCAA basketball and "selected" hockeyFROM THE HANDICAPPER WHO CONNECTED IN THE COLLEGE FOOTBALL CHAMPIONSHIP CONSECUTIVE YEARS (Alabama and LSU)From the handicapper "395-363" overall the final 203 days of coverage in both football and basketball (recently completed 2017 campaigns)***  No matter what day of the week you purchase this "normally" gives you SIX uninterrupted days of premium coverage.  Keep in mind though this package was designed specifically with the football gambler. It allows you to purchase Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for a rate of less than $20 per day. As always, this includes OC's Totals, Power Picks, and BEST BET!  ALL COLLEGE/PRO FOOTBALL BEST BETS OF AT LEAST 4-UNITS ONE YEAR AGO (45-24) COVER AT 65-PERCENT.  TOP-RATED NFL WAGERS (30-13) REACH INCREDIBLE 70-PERCENT PLATEAU

Purchase today and your package is good until: June 30th, 2024